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Small Business.  Big Heart.


I've had an obsession with tools and working with my hands since I was a kid.  I'm always working on projects that involve me and my tools.  

Fun Fact:  That's why Kari nicknamed me "Projects"

One Christmas about 10 years ago, my Uncle gave everyone pens he made himself on his lathe.  I thought that was so cool so a couple weeks later I showed up at his house and asked him to show me how to do it.  Once I learned the basics, I kept improving upon my skills and then took things a step further and started finding "things" around the house I could use to make pens out of and then buying the equipment to cast different items in resin to "turn" into pens. 


During the week you'll find me in the garage casting materials and working on one of my many lathes.  On the weekends in the spring and summer you'll find Kari and I selling my passion in person at Art Shows.  

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